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Name:Special Agent James Campbell
Birthdate:Aug 5
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork
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Name: James Campbell Fraser
Birthday: 16th April
Nationality: American Citizen, born in Australia
Location: Upper East Side, New York City
Occupation: Special Agent with the FBI [ + Undercover Secret Service Internal Affairs Liaison ]
Family: Parents, twin older brothers Mark and Sam, adopted older brother, Alec, his wife, Natalie, son Camden, daughter Ava, niece Jamie, nephew Justin
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, 5'11', athletic build
James Campbell is a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has two areas of criminal specialisation with the Bureau, being Crimes Against Children and Murder for Hire. He spends his time bouncing between the two, depending on what case lands on his desk at any one time. He often has a close working relationship with the New York City Police Department when cases cross jurisdictions. He graduated top of his class in Forensic Psychology, leading to his choice to join the FBI. James is a master of firearms and contemplated a career in SWAT before the FBI caught his attention.

James was born and raised in the suburb of Clovelly in Sydney, Australia. His mother is Australian but his father is Scottish. His parents met in Scotland when his mother was touring the country when she was twenty one years old. After a whirlwind romance, they got married and his father moved to Australia to be with her. James has two siblings, identical twin older brother six years his senior called Mark and Sam. Mark works as a corporate lawyer for a large firm in New York, which often sees the brothers in fierce legal debates with clashing views about crime and justice, usually ending in them both steaming drunk and trying to right all the wrong in the world. Sam is a Cardiologist, but remained in Australia when Mark and Sam emigrated to America for their careers. James has always had a close relationship with his brothers, but Mark is usually the first person he will turn to in a crisis because they lived close.

James has one failed marriage under his belt. He married his ex-wife when he was nineteen years old after she fell pregnant and he wanted to do the right thing by her. She subsequently lost the baby and the marriage rapidly disintegrated when they realised they were far too young for it. It was an amicable divorce and he still shares Christmas cards with his ex-wife, who now lives in Washington.

He is bisexual, and was in a serious relationship with a police detective named David that spanned for over two years. However, David was shot and killed on duty during a drug raid in the Bronx. It took James a long time to get over losing David, forcing him to take a six month leave of absence from the FBI in his grief. He eventually started to move on, though he hasn’t really had a serious relationship since. He dates casually and regularly, though mostly just for leisure or sex as his job is demanding of his time and attention. That isn’t to say, however, that he’s not looking for a relationship. He is. He is just far more protective of his feelings and heart than he was before he lost David.

James is highly committed to his job, which has been his main focus for many years. He works long hours and weekends and rarely takes sick leave. When he does have spare time, he likes to relax by having a drink and a laugh with friends, or going to a club to let his hair down. He plays the violin and also dabbles in a hobby of photography. He is also a Type I Diabetes sufferer, having to endure insulin injections four times daily and adhere to a strict diabetic diet. He, unfortunately, let his diet a year ago on the two year anniversary of David's death and ended up in a Diabetic Ketoacidosis coma for a week. His FBI partner at the time saved his life.

He never saw himself as a complicated person, but that has changed in recent years. He can cope with a large and stressful workload, but prefers his private life to be as hassle-free as possible. He has a wicked sense of humour, but can also be very analytical and serious. He is friendly and approachable, but may be slightly reserved with information until he gets to know you a little better. It’s in his nature as an FBI agent to be suspicious before trusting. Everyone has skeletons, which he respects, but does try to analyse people on some level as he gets to know them. He can ease in and out of the Good Cop or Bad Cop mask without batting an eyelid, depending on the need of the situation. He is mostly viewed as a friendly, kind-hearted and loyal person by those who know him, but he has a darker thread below the surface which can come out if angered enough.

In early October 2008, James was sent on an undercover FBI investigation in Australia. His brother, Mark, accompanied him on the trip and it was expected he would return before the end of the year in anticipation of the birth of Ali's baby; Mark's child and James' niece or nephew.

In early November, James suddenly and abruptly went missing during his investigation in Australia. All his leads went cold and despite extensive investigations and searches, it really did seem that James went missing without a trace. On November 11, Kenneth Pierce, the Head of the Crimes Against Children department, broke the news to his work colleagues, family, and friends that James' hire car had been found on the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia with blood and other evidence that James had met foul play. Less than a week later, he was pronounced dead and the investigation was closed.

His partner and lover at the time, one of his and Ali's closest friends, was distraught and couldn't fathom remaining in a job, or indeed in New York, without James, the love of her life. She resigned from the FBI and moved to England to live a quiet life and try to get over James by losing herself in her artwork. James' parents and his brothers were horrified and angered that the FBI caused their son and brother to be taken from them so tragically. They couldn't cope and made a sudden move back to their home town in Australia, being unable to face living in a country which they blamed for James' death. Sam was in Africa on a five year contract with Doctors Without Borders, which he signed up for after losing his wife to breast cancer, and he wasn't able to get to his family during the crisis. This left Ali eight months pregnant and alone in her deep and painful grief to face the prospect of becoming a single mother without the two people in her life she didn't think she could ever live without.

It was soon revealed that James was involved in an intricately planned plot to fake his own death, aided by intelligence with the US Secret Service. James had been recruited to the Secret Service via the FBI two years prior under a top secret plan for him to use the twenty four months to transition into a brand new life as an undercover Secret Service agent for a yet unknown secret taskforce deep in the cutthroat world of New York's upper class. To pull this off, James Campbell had to die, making way for the elusive and devious, British Marcus Fraser from London, a hot shot business tycoon and owner of the company Promantech, which is known to deal with "medical and drug technologies".

James, when originally recruited to the SS, never planned to fall in love with his partner. This turn of events nearly caused him to pull the plug on his SS recruitment, but was notified just before he left for Australia that the time had come. He spent close to two weeks deeply torn about what he should do when he was reminded of the reason he was approached by the SS in the first place. He knew what he had to do and made the difficult and painful decision to walk away from his life as he knew it. He became Marcus Fraser, an undercover Secret Service Agent at the helm of a top secret investigation parading as a rich, confident, and promiscuous businessman to break into the highly covert world of multi-billion business... and all "perks" that come with operating in those circles.

When James met Harriet Ryan, CEO of a large fashion magazine in Australia, she knew him as Marcus Fraser with them operating in the same socialite circles whilst he worked on his top secret investigation. It proved to be his undoing, however, when she blew his cover but not until they had already had a brief, passionate affair and she fell pregnant with his child. James had no choice but to reveal that his "death" had been to go undercover for the FBI. The fact he is a liaison with the SS for the FBI is still concealed, however. It took awhile, but Ali eventual forgave him, Isabel never returned from England and they haven't spoken since. James returned to work with the FBI, but continues to work as an informant with the SS. He tried to step up and do the right thing by Harriet. They began a relationship, but they were just ultimately too different people. Once the baby was born, Harriet couldn't cope with the situation and left James holding the baby.

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Camden, James' son, is now two years old and as much as James wished he could have done it all alone, he ended up relenting and hiring a Nanny, Natalie Morgan. She had come from England to be with her younger brother while he went to med school here, and she was just wonderful with Camden. She isn't a live-in Nanny, but is flexible to be on hand if James ever gets tied up with his work. He tries his hardest to be the best father he can, and Camden is his pride and joy. Juggling his career and single fatherhood has never been easy, and not even remotely close to where he saw his life leading. But he's content, albeit lonely without having any romantic relationships. Natalie, however, has come to be a close friend and after the initial attempts by James to keep things completely professional, they have forged a friendship he deeply values... and is completely oblivious to the fact he has developing feelings for her well beyond friendship and as his son's carer.
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